Developing Year of Care training and facilitation capacity within local teams can provide a sustainable method of rolling out personalised care and support planning at scale across a health community. Local trainers and facilitators can provide support to local teams as they work to make the approach routine.

Year of Care offers a flexible approach to how this is achieved, which can include:

  • mentorship and support for local programme leads as they set up the Year of Care programme 
  • training local Year of Care trainers and facilitators
  • co-delivery of Year of Care training alongside local trainers

Our Train the Trainers programme is quality assured and includes a peer review process which ensures standards are met for Personalised Care Institute (PCI) accreditation of locally delivered courses. All prospective local trainers should be carefully recruited and have:  

  • participated in Year of Care personalised care and support planning training
  • an interest in personalisation, communication and consultation skills and an ability to teach these to others
  • engaged with the philosophy and principles of Year of Care personalised care and support planning 
  • credibility with their training audience (which will include GPs and senior leadership)
  • worked within a clinical setting, or have sufficient knowledge of the clinical setting, where personalised care and support planning is being implemented
  • experience of implementing personalised care and support planning and of using these consultation skills within their current role

It is important that people selected to become local Year of Care trainers have the capacity to attend the Year of Care Train the Trainers programme. Also, the capacity to routinely deliver training and support to practice teams as part of their role, which may require additional local funding.

Please see full criteria for trainers here.

We recommend that all initial personalised care and support planning training is delivered by the national Year of Care team who will assist in identifying suitable local trainers.