Year of Care Partnerships® publish a regular newsletter, The House Journal, to the community of practice (and others on our mailing list) and they are attached below.

Issue 24 Implementing PCSP in different settings February 2023

In this edition of the House Journal we focus on some recent work the Year of Care team have been doing to look at how personalised care and support planning (PCSP) and shared decision making (SDM) can be applied to new settings and contexts. This includes international work in Singapore, and the transfer of PCSP into specialist long-COVID clinics and community anticipatory care teams in the UK.

Issue 23 Spotlight on South Tyneside September 2022

In this special edition we focus on the work by South Tyneside to implement personalised care and support planning across all GP practices across the former CCG area. We would like to thank the team at South Tyneside for their contributions to this newsletter and congratulate them on a successful implementation project.

Issue 22 Shared Decision Making February 2022

In this edition of The House Journal, we explore shared decision making (SDM) as a specific standalone activity and consider its fit within a personalised care and support planning approach (PCSP).

Issue 21 Scotland's House of Care special edition October 2021

This special edition focuses on the progress to date of Scotland's House of Care programme and what has been achieved in terms of personalised care and support planning.

Our thanks to all of the contributors to this newsletter who have worked with us to share their learning around the key principles that support the successful implementation of personalised care and support planning.

Issue 20 Moving on June 2021

This edition looks at ‘moving on’ with personalised care and support planning and focusing on ‘people not conditions’; offering a single process and conversation for people who have a single condition, but also those who live with multiple long-term conditions.

Issue 19 Falls and dementia January 2021

This issue focuses on the inclusion of frailty topics within personalised care and support planning and gives details of two programmes of work that enabled people to identify falls or dementia as a concern. It then gives some news on Personalised Care Institute accreditation of our training as well as guidance on shared decision making and SNOMED codes.

Issue 18 Remote training and support October 2020

In this edition of The House Journal we want to let you know about our newly developed Year of Care remote training and facilitation programme, reformatted to provide bite-size remote training and support to practices who want to implement PCSP. We also cover remote PCSP conversations and some useful resources to support practitioners to ensure they are every bit as person-centred as face to face PCSP conversations.

Issue 17 Remote care and support planning July 2020

In this edition we focus on remote personalised care and support planning amid COVID-19. We share thoughts and ideas of adapted processes in practice from Graham Kramer, Becky Haines and Sue Arnott and also share the newly developed remote personalised care and support planning resource pack.

Issue 16 COVID-19 special April 2020

As a result of feedback from Year of Care GP clinical leads we produced resources and guidance about personalised care and support planning during the pandemic. This includes suggestions on which groups of patients to prioritise and how to best run the process when the consultations are most likely to happen over the telephone.

Issue 15 Publications and research February 2020

In this edition of The House Journal we focus on publications and research. We’re delighted to draw your attention to the very important BMC Family Practice article that describes how the Year of Care approach to care and support planning was developed, right from its original inception and theoretical foundations. We also focus on the work that Dr Sarah Brown has been doing as part of her PhD on a realist evaluation of care and support planning. 

Issue 14 Community of practice news round-up December 2019

In this edition we announce a new Year of Care team member, Dr Becky Haines, who joined us as GP clinical lead. Other important topics are a Gateshead case study in the Richmond Group Multiple Conditions Guidebook, details of the South West London NHS Digital Test Bed Project, a UK visit from the National University Singapore and also some practice pack and resource changes.

Issue 13 Year of Care and Versus Arthritis – CSP for MSK October 2019

In this edition of The House Journal we focus on Year of Care’s ground-breaking work test out how care and support planning could be expanded to include people with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. Our work demonstrated that it’s beneficial to include people with MSK conditions within a CSP process but highlighted the poor status of such ‘non-QOF’ conditions in terms of planned, proactive care within primary care. We are delighted to include a note about the project from the Versus Arthritis CEO Liam O’Toole.

Issue 12 2019 Network Event – Let’s talk about the conversation July 2019

The 2019 Network Event was another great success and this newsletter shares details of the keynote speeches from Cindy Mann and Jonathan Silverman, together with the event workshop summaries and reviews and comments from the event participants. 

Issue 11 BHF and Jersey successes and policy updates December 2018

In this edition of The House Journal we are delighted to be celebrating the success of the British Heart Foundation House of Care programme and also some positive experiences in Jersey. We also share with you some new policy developments in England and Scotland and some reflections on how we gain useful feedback from people who experience care and support planning. 

Issue 10 Sharing community of practice stories and data August 2018

We have gathered some good news stories and data from round the community of practice and are delighted to share them in this edition.

North East Essex – A new community-based service

Tower Hamlets – A decade of improvement

British Heart Foundation - ‘House of Care’ project

Lanarkshire patient survey

Newcastle and Gateshead – care and support planning in multimorbidity 

Issue 9 CSP for people with frailty April 2018

Here we present an introduction to the advantages and differences of care and support planning for people living with frailty. We also share the resources we have developed for use by practices and a link to a video from Dr Robert Westgate who summaries his thoughts on the benefits of a care and support planning approach in frailty.

Issue 8 2017 Network Event round-up – care and support planning across a lifetime November 2017

This edition shares lots of news and updates from the 2017 Network Event ‘Care and support planning across a lifetime’. Topics include overviews of keynote presentations from Alf Collins and Sue Arnott, challenges posed by moving onto a ‘multimorbidity’ approach to care and support planning, raising professional issues in the conversation and the Year of Care IMPACT tool.

Issue 7 Trainers special edition July 2017

In this special edition of The House Journal developed for Year of Care trainers we focus on the important role that trainers and training play in engaging and supporting teams with the changes that need to happen to make care and support planning the norm.  Included are updates on resources and training modules to help support local implementation.

Issue 6 CSP and community teams March 2017

In this issue we turn our attention to care and support planning centred on community teams, including people who are housebound. An exemplar of this work is highlighted in a featured story from Carlisle Healthcare kindly shared with us by Dr Robert Westgate. We also explain how care and support planning training can help meet the indicators in the 2017/19 CQUIN.

Issue 5 BHF project edition December 2016

This edition focuses on the Year of Care collaboration with the British Heart Foundation and Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland to implement care and support planning for people with cardiovascular disease.

Issue 4 The importance of facilitation October 2016

In this edition we focus on facilitation and support for clinical teams to implement care and support planning. This topic was requested by the community following the Network Event in June. Teams from Thames Valley, Hardwick and Newcastle and Gateshead volunteered to share their local experience.  

Issue 3 2016 Network event round-up – Building a better house August 2016

This ‘post-event’ edition shares news and updates from the Network Event ‘Building a better house’. It also details new resources that were launched at the event including a newly updated practice pack.

Issue 2 Launching the 2016 Network Event May 2016

This edition details the programme and logistics, speakers and workshops ahead of our 2016 Network Event.

Issue 1 Launching a brand-new newsletter, The House Journal April 2016

The very first edition of The House Journal where we share some local stories together with an announcement about our 2016 Network Event and some background to care and support planning from the Year of Care Chair – Dr Sue Roberts and National Director – Lindsay Oliver.

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