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The Year of Care approach: Developing a model and delivery programme for care and support planning in long-term conditions - The paper published in BMC Family Practice in November 2019 describes the theory, learning and implementation journey to enable care and support planning to be introduced with high fidelity to the core principles, whilst tailoring it to the unique characteristics of each practice and their population.

Delivering person centred care in long-term conditions: BMJ 2015 - This BMJ article describes the need to transform care for people with long-term conditions, including support for self-management, and the need for comprehensive reform of health systems which are currently geared to provide acute care. Simon Eaton, Sue Roberts and Bridget Turner explore the barriers to change, outlining the success of the Year of Care and House of Care approach as a driver for both cultural change and whole system change.

Personalised care planning for adults with chronic or long-term health conditions: 2015 (Coulter A, Entwistle VA, Eccles A, Ryan S, Sheppherd S, Perera R) - This systematic review summarises the impact of care planning on physical and psychological health and the important factors which need to be in place for it to be effective.

King's Fund delivering better services for people with long-term conditions 2013 - This report summarises the case for change and endorses the use of the Year of Care approach using the ‘House’ model to demonstrate the essential elements which need to be in place to deliver better services for people with long-term conditions. It provides examples of good practice and suggests what organisations need to have in place to deliver care and support planning for self-management more routinely.

Care planning for long-term conditions - a concept mapping: Health expectations: 2013 (Lhussier M, Eaton S, Forster N, Thomas M, Roberts S, Carr S) - This concept mapping exercise shows that whilst there are common themes across the concepts of different models of personalised care, the differences between them reflect the context and intended outcomes within clinical practice.

Care planning – Improving the lives of people with LTCs; encouraging partnership; increasing the quality of Care: RCGP: 2011 - Produced herewith kind permission of the Royal College of General Practitioners this document was produced with the support of key members of the YOC programme. It is a comprehensive account of the rationale for support for self-management in LTCs, the case for change and practical delivery and monitoring of care planning. It provides practical examples and key tips on how to introduce care planning at practice level by ‘walking around the house’. It provides a detailed ‘how to do it’ manual.

Thanks for the PetuniasA guide to developing and commissioning non-traditional providers to support the self-management of people with long term conditions: 2011 - This guide was produced in response to the discovery that there are numerous barriers and lack of experience in commissioning non-traditional community services to support self-management. It outlines these issues and provides a commissioning and delivery model which addresses them. It will be of particular interest to clinical commissioning groups, public health commissioners and Health and Wellbeing Boards.