Implementing personalised care and support planning (PCSP) requires significant culture and organisational change, involving a shift in staff mindset, use of specific consultation skills and changes to organisational processes.

The Year of Care House can be used as an organisational framework to introduce and embed PCSP and lists the activities that need to be in place to make this work effectively.  

There are three stages for consideration when practices or organisations are implementing PCSP. 

Stage 1 - setup by the local leadership group

Stage 2 - implementation including training and facilitation

Stage 3 - maintenance to ensure the approach is extended and doesn’t dilute over time

We have developed a wealth of experience, learning and resources about the most effective ways to introduce and embed PCSP as normal care for people with long-term conditions. 

We are available to work with organisations who wish to systematically embed PCSP within routine clinical care either utilising the existing programmes of work within primary care or thinking through the design of PCSP in new settings and contexts.

If you have any additional queries or would like to discuss how we can support you, please contact us.

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