Year of Care has worked on large multisite implementation projects using our tried and tested systematic approach to introducing and embedding personalised care and support planning (PCSP) as ‘normal care’ into general practice across a whole community.

We have identified that there are consistently a number of critical success factors at whole system, steering group and practice level that need to be in place to ensure maximum impact from the introduction of PCSP. These include:

Whole system level

  • Coherence about purpose and what it is
  • The way we plan to do things – not just another pilot
  • Embedded into LTC strategy
  • Sign up at the highest level
  • Vision of the approach ‘across a lifetime’
  • Forward looking around workforce planning/training

Steering group level

  • Coherence about purpose and what it is
  • In depth understanding of the setting in which it is to be delivered
  • Programme manager understands what needs to be done and able to challenge
  • GP Champions and exemplars identified and used as expert resource
  • Practical support with real issues such as IT and training 
  • Direct working by team members into practices to support a facilitation approach
  • Plan and resource ongoing maintenance

Practice level

  • Coherence about purpose and what it is
  • Practice team sees the differences between the old and new way of doing things
  • Committed to the ethos and not just the process
  • Everyone understands their role and contribution
  • Mini steering group in practice – problem solve and support each other
  • Staff are trained and supported to take on new roles and new ways of working
  • Seen as the new normal way to do things
  • Reflection and review of how it’s going built into day to day practice

The Year of Care comprehensive support and training programme enables new sites to get up and running more efficiently and to ensure the above critical success factors are in place.

The Year of Care final report has further details of the key learning including some of the discoveries, dilemmas, debates and key challenges, and how these were overcome. This learning, together with our experience from 10 years of practical support and delivery in primary care, have informed the above critical success factors.