Year of Care has developed resources to support practices to offer remote care and support planning

Section 1 - Introduction to remote CSP options

In this section we have a summary that details Year of Care’s learning from around the community of practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a flowchart that walks through the CSP process from triage to the conversation, and suggests adaptations for remote options. 

1. Background to CSP and remote consultations - learning from COVID-19 V1.0

2. Flowchart for CSP with remote options V2.3


Section 2 - Prioritisation and recall options

This section contains a suggested guide for practices when triaging for multimorbidity reviews during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also lists the various pros and cons to consider for remote and face to face CSP. 

3. Prioritisation, triage and recall options V1.0


Section 3 - Information gathering

Here we suggest some considerations for practices when planning information gathering appointments with an alternative to face to face reviews for those who still need to shield.. We have also included developed a resource to allow people to collate their own self- monitoring results to have to hand for their CSP conversation. 

4. Information gathering V1.0

5. Self-management info gathering proforma - 1 page V1.0

6. Self- management info gathering proforma - 2 pages V1.0


Section 4 - Patient preparation for remote CSP

Some people may not need to have a formal information gathering appointment however preparation for their conversation is still equally as important. We have included a resource to help people consider what’s most important to them and things they’d most like to discuss which has been updated following feedback from our community of practice. 

7. Patient Preparation for remote consulting V1.0

8. Preparing for your CSP conversation no information gathering V1.0


Section 5 - CSP conversations

This section has resources for healthcare professionals to support thinking through CSP conversations either over the phone or via video. There is a new document on the stages, tasks and skills during the CSP conversation and some top tips documents based on whether conversations are being held over the telephone or video. 

9. CSP conversations V1.0

10. CSP consultations stages, tasks and skills 24.06.18

11. Care and support planning using the telephone 2020 V1.3

12. Care and support planning using video 2020 V1.0